Saturday , May 8 2021

They drove away the Curling champion because it was very drunk & # 39;

CANADA. – Ryan Fry, Olympic medalist, is expelled from the World Curling Tournament event (World Curling Tour) along with three other teammates because of "very drunk" during the competition, CBC Sports reported.

According to RT, the athletes were disqualified from the tournament known as Red Deer Curling Classic, which was held on Sunday in the city of Alberta (Canada), after the organizers received many complaints from rivals and spectators who denounced unsportsmanlike behavior of the quartet.

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According to Wade Thurber, the manager of the gym where the competition was held, athlete "very drunk"And they show" unacceptable behavior that no one wants to see or hear. "Thurber added that Canada also damaged the locker room and kicked some other team's belongings.

Organizing committees put a sign on the main board of the arena to clarify their decision to withdraw troops. Those involved are forced to surrender in his final match and has been excluded from future Red Deer Curling Classic events, highlighting the message.

Fry, a gold medal winner at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, apologized for inappropriate actions and received errors. "I came to the event to play and enjoy sports, my actions were really rude and embarrassing, the committee was right in disqualifying us from the match."

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