The trailer driver, was accused of 10 murder cases


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The trailer driver involved in an accident on the Mexico-Toluca motorway has been transferred to the Acatitla Santa Martha Women's Center for Social Returns; for the 10 murder cases alleged to him, according to the local Attorney General's Office (PGJCDMX), he could reach a sentence of up to 50 years.

The agency explained that for crimes that caused 14 injuries, the woman could be sentenced to 28 years in prison; and for damage to tortured property for affected cars, up to 17 years.

According to Martín Barrón, a researcher at the National Institute of Criminal Sciences (Inacipe), it will be the prosecutor's office that defines whether all of these cases have accumulated in the criminal proceedings of Ana "N" or carried out separately.

"They can handle it individually, that each family complains or they can also collect cases," he said.

In addition, it is explained that even if the sentence is accused, for example, more than 100 years, by law, at 75 years, subjects can issue a process to clear their sentence at home, for problems such as health.

Ana "N", 41, was accused of a crime of murder, wrong death and wrong property damage and although the type of crime was not serious, because it was caused by negligent and unintentional acts, it is likely that the woman was not given the freedom to take criminal proceedings, indicating legal specialist La Salle, teacher Víctor Manuel Alonso.

"[El caso es que] not only one person died, but 10, and there were also many people who were injured, so I did not think that the driver would be able to guarantee repair of damage, so it is very possible that Judge Control, to ensure compliance because of sanctions, do not let him undergo the process criminal in freedom ", commented specialist.

Ana "N", 41, who is already in prison, will hold her first trial this Saturday.

They seek help for victims. Dafne Anaya, one of those injured after the accident, remained in hospital.

Last Thursday, the young woman was transferred from the Polanco Red Cross to the ABC Clinic. His health condition, according to his relatives, was serious, because he remained in intensive care; He has at least 10 fractures.

Both their neighbors and friends have requested, through social networking, support so that their loved ones can cover the costs of their medical care.

Until Friday morning, the young sister had not been contacted by company insurance to compensate them.

For the process due to the injuries sustained and the death of one of his family members in the accident, the Dafne family filed a complaint with the ministry's authority over whoever was responsible.

They asked for a cooperative. The Mexico City government asked the federal government to carry out an operation to review heavy transportation and cargo on the Mexico-Toluca highway, where on Thursday a trailer hit the driver, resulting in a dozen deaths and several injured.

SSP holder Raymundo Collins requested a meeting with Federal Police authorities and the Secretariat of Communication and Transportation (STC) to control access to this type of vehicle to CDMX because it was registered that they entered at high speed. With information from Sandra Hernández and Eduardo Hernández


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