The Hubble Space Telescope captures a gravitational lens system


The Hubble Space Telescope captures gravitational lens systems (+ photos)

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The Hubble Space Telescope captures gravitational lens systems (+ photos)

Space telescope Hubble take a series of images from a so-called gravitational lens system SDSS J0928 + 2031, which is used to investigate the formation and evolution of stars in distant galaxies.

Astronomers use gravitational lenses to study objects that are too weak or too small to see, the European Space Agency (ONE, for the acronym in English).

According to the agency, when a massive object such as a group of galaxies, such as those captured in the photo, distorts space through its gravitational field, which causes light from farther galaxies to travel through the altered path.

Also, when light is amplified, scientists can observe and study the source.

Near the center of the image taken by Hubble, we can see two dominant elliptical galaxies, where the gravitational cluster, this galaxy house, acts as a gravitational lens, which allows us to see galaxies far behind them.

In this snapshot we can see the effect of this lens is narrow, and the curvature of light that surrounds two large galaxies.

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