The government allows the sale of electricity between individuals – Finance – Note


Mexico.- The Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) issues an agreement to permit sales of electricitybetween individuals, which will encourage the deployment of stations for charging electric vehicle

The regulatory body said in a statement that development electricity station This will benefit users of this type of vehicle, because they will have the possibility of accessing more filling points.

At the same time, he said, increasing the production of electric cars by the Mexican automotive industry would be promoted, resulting in greater employment, economic growth, innovation in the sector and environmental improvements.

And, he explained, before the approval of this regulation, investors were interested in installing it electricity station in their country they have no rules to provide electricity for users of electric and hybrid vehicles, limiting their development.

"Over the past three years, around two thousand refill centers for electric and hybrid vehicles have been installed and, with the agreement's agreement, it is expected that the increase in the number of electricity stations installed in the country will be greater than those seen in several years before," he said.

CRE states that entrepreneurs from the electricity sector will also benefit, because they will be able to develop refilling stations through the use of solar and wind resources, reducing carbon footprint in terms of energy generation.

Also, technology startups or researchers are trying to develop more efficient and smart ways to recharge electric vehicles, such as wireless electricity recharging or stations that have the technology to load cars quickly.

As well as electricity stations, the agreement offers an alternative to Real Estate Investment Trusts (FIBRAs), real estate sector entrepreneurs or developers, who rent or manage shared workspaces, offices, places in shopping centers, or housing departments.

"Another interesting element of this regulation is that FIBRA can use Quality Supplies, by adding many of their tenants, and thus offering energy at a more competitive price."

The Commission stressed that this regulation stipulates that anyone who does not want to buy electricity from a real estate tenant has the right to contract the Electricity Supply service that best suits them.


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