Revealing the "ancient mysteries of the solar system": Scientists determine the duration of Saturn's day


A team of American researchers finally found the answer to "the ancient mysteries of the solar system," by determining the duration of one day on Saturn: 10 hours, 33 minutes and 38 seconds. The results of the study, published this week in the journal Astrophysical Journal, are based on data collected by NASA Cassini probes.

Determining exactly how long a day in a gas giant is difficult, because Saturn does not have a sturdy surface, with reliefs or milestones that help to understand and measure rotational movements, read statements from the US space agency.

However, Christopher Mankovich, from the University of California (Santa Cruz, USA), can determine that the ring of rings surrounding Saturn responds to vibrations originating from the center of the planet, thus providing information similar to that of seismographs on Earth recording the movements produced by earthquake.

"The particles in all the rings cannot resist this feeling oscillation as an effect of the gravitational field"In certain places of the ring and at certain moments of its orbit, this oscillation traps particles to gradually create energy", and then that energy is considered a "visible wave", he added.

This discovery allows specialists specify movements that occur inside Saturn and, as a consequence, the rotation period.

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