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Multimedia fired the driver who asked Laura Zapata to do #ThaliaChallenge

November 17, 2018

After Zapata was offended by a set of recordings, Adrin Marcelo was left unemployed because of the joke.

Instagram: @nelssie_carrillo / Twitter: @ adrianm10

This week, during an interview in Grupo Multimedios's "SNSerio" program, Laura Zapata left the forum, angry, when driver Adrin Marcelo suggested he make #ThaliaChallenge.

Zapata, who had never hidden competition with his sister and who at the time was convinced that the viral challenges from the singer showed how bad the community was, did not support jokes; He got up from his seat and left the recording studio.

After the event, which was broadcast on the network, the communicator informed him through his Twitter account that the company fired him.

"Because of what happened to @LAURAZAPATAM last night on #SNSerio, @multimediostv has decided to throw away my services. It's really fun and I'm no more than grateful for five years. It's a shame, I won't say no and I just hope to extract learning from this event ", shared.

Also, clarification that he does not want to hurt anyone and his only goal is to "entertain":

The driver's followers criticized his dismissal and manifested his sadness with memes.

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