Thursday , October 21 2021

Liga MX: Chivas launched an emotional message after being eliminated from the 2020 Guardianes


A campaign full of emotions, ups and downs, problems, controversies, victories, defeats, excitement and pressure, Chivas Rayadas of Guadalajarathey are only one step away from the grand finale Guard 2020, after returning to the league after 3 years of drought.

They are led by Victor Manuel Vucetich they can’t beat Club Leon, the best team on Guard 2020After a good finale to the tournament, Flock sent an emotional message, ensuring that they would come back to the front.

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“We live in a tournament where we learn to give our all on the pitch. We have moments where they just give up, not knowing that in Guadalajara the attempt to bring us down further enhances us, because no matter how low they want to see us, we will always do. to the impossible to progress “, Chivas communicates via video on their network.

“Today we leave this chapter incomplete, but with the assurance that we will meet again and again above. Thank you Chivahermanos! ”.

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