Monday , August 2 2021

Laura Bozzo and the strong rudeness he sent to Irina Baeva

Laura Bozzo, one of the loudest conductors of a small screen,attacked a Gabriel Soto e Irina Baeva, and everything to defend the actress Geraldine Bazán, ex-wife of histrion.

Everything seems to indicate that Peru was on the Mexican side after the divorce that happened a few weeks ago, sent it a video with a strong message to his friend.

Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva / screenshot

My Queen Geraldine, I will tell you one thing, what didn't work, lift the lid, put it in the toilet and then, what's next … he said for the Hoy program.

To make matters worse, Bozzo referred to a Russian actress as a woman with several neurons, making it clear that she would never have Geraldine's intelligence.

"The others will be very beautiful, whatever good model you want, but my Geraldine neurons don't have it," Laura said.

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