Thursday , October 21 2021

Jaime Camil’s father is in serious health


This Saturday night, it was revealed that the father of Jaime Camil, businessman Jaime Camil Garza, in serious health.

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This was announced by journalists Joaquín López-Dóriga. Through social networks, he shared messages asking for his friend’s recovery.

“Tonight my dear colleague, Jaime Camil Garza, is very serious. I asked for prayers for him, ”the reporter tweeted.

However, so far it is not known what disease the entrepreneur is facing. father of actor Jaime Camil, as well Find Camil. And, although social networks have asked if he will suffer from COVID-19, his family has not communicated anything about it.

According to Who, a source close to the deputy Sergio Mayer Breton, Husband Find Camil, confirming that board members indicated that Camil Garza was “seriously ill”.

In that sense, it is known only that Jaime Camil Garza found on Acapulco Guerrero. López-Dóriga himself hinted at that in an Instagram comment in which he explained: “He is very refined in a hospital in Acapulco.”

Likewise, although none of Camil’s children made any announcements to the public, their little online activity was notorious.

However, the model Heidi Balvanera, Jaime Camil’s wife, commented on López-Dóriga’s Instagram post. And, although he just put down the “praying hand” emoji, users took it as a possible confirmation and commented on him, asking about his father-in-law’s health.

For this part, Jaime Camil, who recently had a lot of acting work on American projects, shared a photo of his father in June this year. It was for Father’s Day that the Mexicans won the series Broke, congratulate businessmen.

“I love you daddy!” Wrote Camil.

With information from Who.

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