Sunday , November 29 2020

Is GALAN falling? Thus began a LAW between Verónica Castro and Felicia Mercado: VIDEO

One of the oldest but unknown lawsuits that the entertainment world has as its protagonist Veronica Castro, which was in the midst of a controversy about the cheating speculation Yolanda Andrade Ana Gabriel.

However, there is a story behind it that some people know about and in an interview other people tell in turn, the actress. Felicia Mercado.

In an interview with the program “Minutes That Changed My Destiny”, Felicia talked about some things from her personal life and confessed the problems she had years ago.

A man, the reason for the lawsuit between Veronica and Felicia?

During her participation, Felicia Mercado explained that the lawsuit between her and Verónica Castro was caused by a misunderstanding caused by several people.

She explains that multiple versions are handled so she should be dating by the so called name Enrique Niembro, who is a partner of Verónica Castro.

Felicia Mercado explained that she has no connection whatsoever with this character, but accepts that this caused enmity between them that continues to this day.

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