Saturday , May 8 2021

Influenza is more contagious and more aggressive


HERMOSILLO, ARE.- In this case winter 2018-1919, a increased cases of influenza, because in this period when the disease becomes more aggressive, it is reported Gerardo vlvarez Hernández.

The Director General of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention of the Ministry of Health explained that the virus has a biennial cycle, so every two years it becomes stronger and increases in the number of cases, and death, especially in the most vulnerable populations, namely minors, senior and pregnant women.

Therefore, the importance of applying influenza vaccine to be protected in this season when there is a rebound case.

He pointed out that according to epidemiological records Ministry of Healthpeople who have died from influenza in the previous season have not received the vaccine.

Vlvarez Hernández pointed out that influenza is a contagious respiratory disease that spreads easily and it can spread quickly on enclosed space, schools, psychiatric hospital, workplace and symptoms can manifest between three and seven days, after getting a virus.

The official is recommended do not treat yourself and immediately go to your health unit to attend to disease in a timely manner.

He shows that vaccines available at health units, protect against viruses that circulate in this season, in addition to preventing disease and minimizing its impact, thus avoiding risky situations that endanger life.

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