How to play the Red Dead Redemption 2 version is suitable for children to watch


Red Dead Redemption 2.
Image: Rockstar game

Red Dead Redemption 2 This is not for children. The game developed by Rockstar Games, is a western adventure with violence, torture, cowboy disrespectful and lots of other joy for an adult audience. Fortunately, parents are too gamers They can breathe easily, because the most disturbing, antisocial and violent content is found in certain missions and characters.

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Therefore, if you make the right decision, play it Red Dead 2 it can be straight like a western story with Roy Rogers. You can keep shooting and robbery on the train after the children sleep.

Here are a few things you can do in the game to make them friendly to children and have fun at the same time.

Avoid missions

Image: Rockstar game

It's tempting to go to the camp to see what the Dutch and groups are doing, but if you want to avoid annoying content, don't do it. The Dutch and their accomplices almost always need your help with theft that "cannot be wrong." Instead, it will be very wrong, and you must use your weapon to get out of the situation. At least you want your son to ask you, "Daddy, why did you blow the police chief?", It's better to avoid the mission.

In this sense, don't stop talking to strangers that you find on the side of the road. This mission may seem like an opportunity to teach your child the importance of helping others, but sometimes strangers who need help are criminals who want to steal and / or kill you. So it's better to continue traveling.

Play lots of mini games

Image: Stephen Johnson

Mini game on Red Dead Redemption 2 They can provide hours of adequate entertainment for the whole family, as long as you don't have a problem with small bets. There are several opportunities to play cards or dominoes throughout the map, so you and your child can interact with residents and get a little extra money when they do it.

Texas Hold 'Em is a classic. Playing this game can teach your children the basics of poker. However, people in cities and towns sometimes tell embarrassing stories that are not suitable for children. Therefore, make sure the volume is low when you play.

Blackjack is also fun and will teach your child to add numbers to get 21. You can even use it to teach your child to count cards so he has career choices throughout his life.

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Red Dead 2 It has three different domino versions. They are very easy to understand and play. Therefore, even small children can have fun. Even though the stakes are low, all the money you make in the game will help you after your son goes to bed and you go to the weapons shop.

Avoid the mini game called Five Finger Fillet. You don't want to encourage your children to put their hands on the table, take the knife and see how fast they can pierce the space between their fingers. Doing this in real life will ruin a good table in the best cases and end with a trip to the emergency room in the worst conditions.

Go hunting

Image: Stephen Johnson

If you don't mind that your child sees violence associated with hunting and skinning animals, they can spend hours searching for and hunting all kinds of animals, from muskrat and rabbits to legendary animals that will give you unique objects in the game (hopefully they don't kill you first).

Hunt on Red Dead 2 it's more than "finding an animal, pointing your gun and pressing the trigger". You have to find your prey, use the right weapon to kill them without hurting their precious skin and use scented and careful bait to approach them with surprise. If you don't mind skinning animals realistically, you and your child can spend hours enjoying the false nature of searching and killing God's great creatures.

On the other hand, if you care about animal rights, you can immediately learn and take photos of wildlife in it Red Dead 2 without killing him, adding their information and descriptions to the game anthology. But be careful: animals will attack you, so you might have to shoot one or two bears to save you.

Go fishing

Image: Stephen Johnson

Like almost everything in the open world Red Dead 2, the fishing system is complex and enriching, but you can ignore it if you want. Don't do this. It's fun and relaxing to try to fish various types of fish that swim in rivers, lakes, rivers, and oceans.

Most real life fishing "rules" apply here, so you will need special bait to get certain fish. You will also have better luck during sunrise than during the day.

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When you have mastered the basic rules of fishing, you can try to get legendary fish from the game and then have a good story to share in a local shop. You even have the choice to return the fish to water if you want.

Take daisies in the meadow

Image: Stephen Johnson

There are several types of plants that are useful in the old west. If your child likes flowers, you can pick flowers all day long. Then you can sit in front of the fire and make medicines and ointments for sale, use or give to your horse. You can be a cowboy and chef at a time and improve the meat and fish you get with the species you have caught.

Finding rare plants can provide hours of pleasure. You must explore detailed game environments and travel (or climb) to remote areas to get the most exotic plants and species.

Horse, horse, horse

Image: Stephen Johnson

The only people who love horses more than cowboys are little girls. If you have a woman who is obsessed with horses, Red Dead 2 This will allow you to connect with your little one for hours.

You can train, steal or buy many horse races, ranging from modest Paso Tennessee horses to majestic Arabian horses. After you form a connection with your horse, you can name them (like "Ranunculus" or "Killing Machine"), feed them, take care of them and even buy elegant frames and accessories so they always look the best.

The true joy of horses of course drives them. The game challenge system provides many tasks for horses. However, be careful. Some of these tasks require you to drag people with your horse or trample small animals.

Get fashionable in the old west

Image: Stephen Johnson

Not only horses can have the best appearance. If you and your child want to play a costume, antihero from Red Dead 2 This can be a fashion icon. You can put Arthur as you want, from the clothes of a poor farmer to being fashionista with cashmere vest and hat.

You can change clothes every morning in your camp or hotel room. Devices and accessories can be purchased at all general stores. You can visit tailors and hairdressers in the city if you want a more urban look.

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The main character's hair and beard grows throughout the game, so you can leave your mustache, shave every day, or arrange your hair with a long beard like a hipster. You can buy hair tonic at a general store so that your hair grows faster.

Enjoy the old western theater

Image: Stephen Johnson

There are some "magic lanterns" that you can enjoy in small towns Red Dead 2 at low prices. When you arrive in the big city of Saint Denis, you can see your own burlesque show. Don't worry, the only thing you will see is a dancer from Cancan de París.

I won't see this show if I play alone, but I see them with my child and I'm glad I did it. They are very funny details that make the world Red Dead 2 It feels like reality.

Become a friendly villain in the old west

Image: Stephen Johnson

I realized how nice it was to just say "hello!" To everyone at Red Dead 2 when playing with my five-year-old niece. Because he was very friendly, we went to the big city and pressed the button to "greet" everyone we saw.

This game doesn't reward you for being friendly, but it's very funny to see angry cowboys running on the streets, like kids who drink too much coffee, yell "hello lady!" And "good morning!" To all people . We don't meet rude people. I wear my most elegant clothes and have paid for all my presents. You will see how much time you spend doing this.

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However, you can also consider this as an opportunity to find out where you will steal after the child goes to bed.


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