"Gomita" is Lyn May in her biographical series


"Gomita" he is a person who can give life to vedette Lyn May, in the biographical series prepared about him, Reported on different news portals, though Lyn, before the media in Mexico City said he saw it a little "chubby"

Recently Lyn May signed a contract to make a series of his life, and among those names appear to interpret it is that of a clown "Gomita"

Lyn May said she didn't know the young comedian, and stated that he did not like the idea of ​​interpreting it.

I don't think he has many careers. I have seen it in photos and I see it a little & # 39; chubby & # 39; Actually, I am always thin, I have never been fat and like everything, "he said in an interview for Univisión.

During his meeting with media Lyn May, he mentioned that he would limit himself Ignore everyone.

No more will I go out to dance, sing, teach and say any nonsense so the public laughs and already ".

Through his Instagram account, entertainment journalist Rolando Contreras insists that Araceli Ordaz, the clown's first name, yes it will give life to the popular vedette in his biography series.

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