Friday , April 3 2020
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Fidel Kuri pays debts in the style of film 'hollywoodesca'

There are reasons why many soccer players and former soccer players Shark they are not surprised by the economic problems that occur Veracruz. The reason This is not something new at the club which is characterized by a lack of liquidity and managerial instability.

Some players are playing on Red shark they say that – on several occasions – when the situation is not good, Fidel Kuri He suddenly appeared in training with a promise to pay off his debts with troops. And he did it. What attracted attention was the mechanism, because the businessman paid with cash he had taken from the bag. Like in a movie.


The players are waiting for the club owner's approval to join the Shark protest

The owner conditions support for VeracruzThe owner conditions support for Veracruz

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