Thursday , May 6 2021

Extraordinary results from a study showing how peanut allergies can tolerate it – BBC News

Emily, a 6-year-old English girl, happier than before: she will finally be able to eat cakes at her friends' birthday parties.

Until now eating even just a piece of cake can have serious consequences: Emily is very peanut allergy, strokes that can be found in large amounts of food.

Before he could not take even 10 milligrams (mg) of beans, but now he can tolerate up to 30 times more.

"It's amazing how much food there can be a trace of peanuts, especially those intended for children, such as cakes, cakes and ice cream," explained Sophie, Emily's mother.

The girl was able to solve a part of the problem because of a study involving 500 children between 4 and 17 years old from England and the United States, which enabled her to produce tolerance for that food.

This research is based on the principle of desensitization. This is a procedure that until now has been used with allergies to pollen or bee stings. Progressive exposure to substances that cause allergies increases their tolerance.

Emily, 6 years old, Today's Program.
After producing tolerance for a number of beans, Emily was finally able to eat cakes at her friends' birthday parties.

Thus, they applied a procedure for food: for one year children received daily peanut protein in increasing doses.

In the last phase of the study, two thirds of participants could eat up to two beans.

Emily is among 50% of participants who tolerate eating up to 7. SuccessEven though this number seems insignificant to people without allergies, they allow these children to live an almost normal life.

George Du Toit, a specialist in pediatrics and a study leader in the UK, visited the BBC's "Today's Program" study, where he said: "The results of this innovative study are very promising and suggest that we can prevent children allergic to nuts having a severe reaction after accidental exposure"

That doesn't mean that Emily is no longer allergic, but her parents can breathe easily: now she can eat up to seven nuts without any reaction, so the risk of her having a severe reaction if she swallows the food is accidentally minimized. Something that scared them

Many foods contain traces of peanuts.

"Families live in fear of accidental exposure, because allergic reactions can be very serious and can even occur cause death", said Du Toit.

This was confirmed by Emily's mother, who said: "The process was very stressful, but Emily had so few side effects that we were convinced that they did not give her a dose of peanuts, but placebo."

He added: "We are happy, this research has changed our lives, now we have the freedom we have never had before."

When they asked Emily what cake she would want for her birthday, she was clear: "Lots of cakes with different tastes".


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