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Did David Villa come to Liga MX?

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Spain striker David Villa decided not to renew his working relationship with New York City, with whom he spent the last few years in Major League Soccer.

Before this news, rumors for the possibility of coming to Liga MX could come true.

Several years ago, "Guaje" had the opportunity to come to play Mexico in a friendly match against Necaxa Rays, where he showed his desire to return to the country, he even mentioned the HydroCalido team as a possibility. In fact, the possibility of the departure of important figures such as Dieter Villalpando and Víctor Dávila, will open up that possibility.

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On the other hand, America is one team that has more possibilities to convince Villa that he signed a contract for them. The need to have such a "bomb" will always appeal to the Coapa team. In the past, the Eagles sought De Jong, but that was impossible. America has become home to former figures such as Zamorano, López and now Ménez.

The Rayados de Monterrey has recently been one of the teams that have tried more than once to carry a "bomb", but for one reason or another they have made it difficult. The step is free of negotiation and the large amount of money they pay can end up convincing Spaniards.

Finally, the Tigers, who managed to convince a figure like Gignac when he was fully in Europe. The possibility of convincing "Guaje" is capitalized by what they offer and the fact of being able to reunite the deadly pair.

David Villa will change 37 on December 3, which will be a factor in the fight; However, the striker always showed extraordinary level and professionalism throughout his career.

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