Wednesday , August 4 2021

BlazBlue: Middle Fiction for the Nintendo Switch will reach America

BlazBlue: Central Fiction for the Nintendo Switch has dates for America, and Arc System Works also announced World End Syndrome for consoles.

It was previously known that BlazBlue: Middle Fiction for Nintendo Switch is heading to the console. However, it was only announced for Japan. Then it was revealed that he would arrive in Europe, and it would be finished PQube. But the launch for America was delayed. Luckily there was news about it, and the announcement was made during the event Arc Working System.

That long Anime NYC made this Saturday. This game will be known as BlazBlue: Special Central Fiction Edition, and the departure is planned for February 7 in our region. Maybe the only bad thing about this announcement is that it will only be digitally published. It is a pity that this can only be achieved in America. It will be necessary to see if the European version is distributed on the game card.

It is known that it will include original Japanese voice work. But it will also have translations in English and Japanese. It should be noted that BlazBlue: Middle Fiction for Nintendo Switch will not allow playing cross or crossplay with other platforms. Also its characteristics lobby it will not be available. As I have shared before, it will bring a series of additions in connection with the previous version of this title.

BlazBlue: Middle Fiction for Nintendo Switch it is not the only announcement of the part Arc Working System in Anime NYC. The company also revealed World End Syndrome for this console. This will also only be distributed through eShop, but there is still no departure date. But it has a launch window, and it will be available in spring 2019. In this case, it only has audio in Japanese and text in English.

What is this title? Well, this is a romantic touch adventure game developed by TOYBOX and own Arc Working System. Character design originates Yuki Kato, one of the artists and designers behind the series BlazBlue. The person responsible for your scenario is Tomio Kanazawa, and the music comes from Takashi Nitta. Regarding its history, it happened in a coastal city called City of Mihate.

In the plot World End Syndrome the protagonist was transferred to High School this city, where he tried to start a new life. There he met female heroes Maimi Kusunosea very happy young woman Miu Amana, which is more calm. Depending on how we interact with it, we will get an unforgettable experience in the summer and what happens will dramatically change the end of the game.

World End Syndrome and BlazBlue: Middle Fiction for Nintendo Switch is the first game announced by Arc Working System for next year. thank you Anime News Network for the report.

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