Banxico opened a new ticket factory in Jalisco


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With an investment of more than 3 thousand 636 million pesos, the governor of the Bank of Mexico (Banxico), Alejandro Diaz de Leon, opened yesterday a new ticket factory in Jalisco, which will be responsible for one third of the national production of banknotes from all denominations.

In the Jalisco complex, which is located in the municipality of El Salto, located the second factory that has a central bank in the country.

Accompanied by deputy governor Irene Espinosa, Javier Guzmán and Manuel Ramos Francia, Díaz de León said that for fiduciary money to circulate widely and carry out its functions in the economy, people were required to see that the economic and institutional climate conducive to compliance would apply. the promise of payment.

When this doesn't happen and trust begins to erode, he warns, money will no longer be effective in fulfilling its functions, which can cause huge losses to the economy and society.

In front of the broadcast director, Alejandro Alegre, a special guest, project builder, consultant and supplier, said that episodes of inflation have been a factor of repeated uncertainty over fiduciary money, because they erode their functionality as a payment tool, account units and store values.

"Throughout the 20th century, and even today, we can observe the experience of many countries where uncontrolled inflation reduces utility and social acceptance of money, influences commercial operations, falls into disuse, and in the end generates barter; investment, supports speculation and causes shortages, especially among those who have less, "the governor punished.

Therefore, he stressed that Bank Mexico's autonomy had made it possible to decide clearly with acute, irregular and continuous inflation, and also allowed the inflation rate to fall to a level that was closer to its permanent goal of 3%.

Díaz de León said that the above has provided an environment of greater certainty and extended the time span for planning economic agent activities and consumer decision making.

He stressed that in seeking the stability of purchasing power of the currency, Banxico contributed to building conditions that were indispensable for money to fully carry out its functions.

Project details From the total amount invested in the new plant, around one thousand 140 million pesos were allocated for land purchases and building construction, and 2 thousand 496 million pesos for equipment and factory commissioning.

This facility is located in the municipality of El Salto, in the state of Jalisco, the place chosen after conducting various analyzes.

It was decided to build it there because of its geographical location, the provision of communication and complementarity infrastructure that could be made with Mexican Regional Banks, already in the entity, according to Banxico.

Construction work at the new plant began in 2015.


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