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Will Ferrell has added a dramatic role to his repertoire in recent years. - Photo of Reuters
Will Ferrell has added a dramatic role to his repertoire in recent years. – Photo of Reuters

LOS ANGELES, November 10 – At the peak of its main breakthrough, comic actor Will Ferrell appeared in spoof mode Zoolander as Mugatu's cruel designer. Now he returns to the world of haute couture with famous drama director Gus Van Sant.

A 2016 GQ articles about father and son trips to Paris Fashion Week are being converted into a feature film, owned by director Gus Van Sant and lead actor Will Ferrell.

Prize-winning novelist Michael Chabon wrote the story after accompanying his son to the Mecca fashion festival and, despite being an outsider, experienced the event through his children's enthusiasm, knowledge, and the introduction of celebrities.

The article tells how Chabon's 13-year-old son, Abe, attended performances by the most respected and influential fashion designers in the world, some of whom he would also meet, map his progress as a connoisseur, and his father's efforts to navigate and better acknowledge interests and expertise this focused.

Will Ferrell will star and even though Gus Van Sant may be more known for his drama—Good Will Hunting, milk, Promised Land and Cowboy Drug Store among them – funny dark comedy Die for gave him a big Hollywood studio in 1995, and bit in 2018 Don't Worry, He Will Not Be Away with Feet saw him meet again with one of his former star colleagues, Joaquin Phoenix.

Equally, while Ferrell is very in tune with comedy material, he also shows dramatic cuts.

After coming by Saturday Night Live and cross to Hollywood, first pass Austin strength and Zoolander, a higher role in Old School, Fairy and Anchorman, he continued Passing Winter (same year as a memorable cameo at Wedding Crashers) and then another controlled performance was delivered, this time the Golden Globe nomination, at Strange than fiction (on the heels of NASCAR comedy Talladega Nights)

Same as He Will Not Be Away with Feet unite Van Sant with Joaquin Phoenix, so Prince of Fashion put the director back with the previous film studio, Amazon. – AFP-Relaxnews


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