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Watch: Brown Eyed Girls Take Over "Ask Us Anything" in New Preview

Brown Eyed Girls will come to "Ask Us Anything"!

On October 19, the JTBC variety show uploaded a preview of the upcoming episode featuring Brown Eyed Girls.

The clip starts with Lee Soo Geun asking the veteran girl group why they decided to reunite for their first comeback in four years. When Miryo politely asked the other members, "So why is our comeback pushed back?" JeA quickly replied, "Look, what I think is—" but he was interrupted by Kim Heechul, who commented, "You two are the only ones who take it all!" have been together for 14 years but our teamwork is still rubbish, ”which caused everyone to laugh out loud.

Ga In then talked about the sexy concepts, saying, "Our criteria for [what we consider] Sexy is different too! For example, there is a type of cunning section, and then there is unni who Wow. "When he made a move towards his upper body, the cast of" Ask Us Anything "began to break. Miryo added, "For me, I discussed the places that needed to be closed, and if I wanted to show it off, I would Is it true do it. "Narsha frowned as she shouted," Hey, I'm covering the places that need to be covered too! "

The members of Brown Eyed Girls then showed off their famous "Abracadabra" dance and laughed hysterically when Lee Soo Geun tried to join.

See the preview below!

Brown Eyed Girls will make their long-awaited comeback on October 28th with the album "RE_vive."

Watch the full episode "Ask Us Anything" now!

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