Total Oil introduces Startupper of the Year Challenge in Malaysia


  • Aim to support entrepreneurship and not be part of digital transformation, MD said
  • A total of RM 100,000 was allocated to top 3 startup ideas and guidance by jury members

Total Oil introduces Startupper of the Year Challenge in Malaysia

TOTAL Oil, the fourth largest oil and gas company in the world, introduced Startupper of the Year Challenge in Malaysia. Following the favorable response from the first installments in more than 30 African countries in 2015, the group brought back this program in nearly 60 countries around the world.

In the Asian region, other countries involved are Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Pakistan and Fiji. Malaysia Total Oil managing director, Sachin Singh (pic) Said: "The Startupper challenge is a sincere commitment to the community where Total wants to make a difference."

2018-2019 Startupper of the Year Challenge aims to support and reward local entrepreneurs under the age of 35 who have projects or businesses that are less than two years old in any business sector. Candidates' projects will be assessed based on their innovative nature, positive impacts on society and society and the feasibility and potential for development.

Speaking of the reasons behind this program, Sachin believes that this is closely related to the role of Total Oil as a responsible company. "Being a responsible company does not only mean generating profits and creating jobs, but also involves our contribution to society. Our goal is to lift children's cloth in the community and help them realize their ideas. "

In addition to Sachin, the ranks of the jury members for this program are Norhizam Kadir, vice president, Malaysian Development Ecosystem Development Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC); Fadzarudin Shah Anuar, CEO of FashionValet; Leon Foong, CEO of Socar Malaysia; and Dinesh Ratnam, director of CEO of Catcha Group's office.

"We are trying to create an environment where ideas that are socially impacted and can really see the light of day through implementation and funding," Sachin said. He clarified that all types of startup ideas are welcome to take part in the challenge, as long as there are social benefits.

When asked whether the Startupper Challenge was part of Total Oil's digital transformation journey, Sachin insisted that the program aims to help the community. However, he said, "Digital transformation is the normal structure of every organization today. Internally, we have a strong culture of innovation with a collection of ideas and innovation committees. "

"We received a lot of ideas about improving efficiency, work life balance and customer retention. But I must say, any change can only occur if top management pushes it forward which is the total, "he added.

The Startupper challenge is open for registration until November 13. The top 100 participants will be shortlisted in mid-November, after which there will be an online online voting period. In January 2019, the top 15 participants with the most votes will cast their business proposals to the jury. The top 3 winners will be chosen in March 2019.

"RM100,000 has been allocated to winners – RM50,000 for first place, RM30,000 for second place and RM20,000 for third place. "The jury members will also act as mentors and provide training to winners for a period of one month and above at their own time," Sachin said.

As far as the partnership opportunity with Total Oil, he said "We want to operate in our core energy competencies. If the project is something close to our business and the owner wants to join us, that is something we might be able to do. "

First prize winners from each country will also have the opportunity to compete with each other at the global level. Six overall big winners will be chosen by the grand jury. In addition, Total Oil will also present the Top Women's Entrepreneur Award to "recognize and encourage the participation of female entrepreneurs."

Participants can register for the 201-2019 Startupper of the Year challenge here before Nov13.


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