Friday , December 4 2020

The budget vote could be postponed if lawmakers agree, academics said

The vote on the 2021 budget is scheduled to take place on Thursday (November 26). (Photo Named)

KUALA LUMPUR: The budget debate in the People’s Council could be extended, if lawmakers agree, in an effort to find the best possible agreement point between the government bloc and the opposition, law lecturers said today.

Assoc Prof Shamrahayu Abdul Aziz of the International Islamic University said the vote on the budget could be postponed if an agreement on the budget still cannot be reached among MPs and more thorough discussion is needed.

“Assuming there are things that cannot be agreed upon and require a more specific study, then the voting on the bill can be postponed,” said Shamrahayu.

“For example, if the debate is 10 days, it can be extended according to (national) interests; Compared to other laws, the 2021 Supply Bill is the most important, “said Shamrahayu while participating in the Talk Room program.

The budget debate is expected to continue for the ninth day at the People’s Council tomorrow before being closed by the relevant ministers. Voting is scheduled to take place on Thursday (26 November).

Shamrahayu said amendments can also be made to add or remove previous items or proposals if needed.

“If the government accepts (amendments), it is allowed. What is important when there is debate, parliament members can propose, add to or delete the bill. If the justification is good and the government is open to the idea, it will be accepted, ”he said.

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