Hannah reported MACC reported more than 29 violations of the KL City Plan at Segambut – Metro News


EVEN, MP Hannah Yeoh has submitted a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) for 29 violations of the Kuala Lumpur City Plan (KLCP) 2020 which has just been confirmed in her electoral district.

"When KL parliamentarians were shown a gazetted plan, which was based on the 2015 version, we were told that there were 273 violations throughout Kuala Lumpur that would be recorded as addendums to the local plan," Yeoh said.

"This violation includes changes in the plot and zoning ratio.

"For example, in Segambut, the ratio of plots to one site changed from four to 10, while green lungs were converted into mixed housing projects," he said.

Yeoh said he wanted MACC to pursue all violations, because 273 was not a small number.

"Land is very expensive in KL, and someone will benefit from making that change.

Even though there have been changes in the government, it is likely that the same officials at Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) gave approval for the projects (at that time), "he said.

"When MACC takes action, they can recover money and assets and return them to KL.

"I understand that some violations may be difficult to reverse. But where work has not begun, such as in Rimba Kiara Park, the Federal Territories (FT) Minister and KL Mayor have the power to reverse this violation, "he said.

Yeoh, who broadcast the report at the Putrajaya MACC office on Friday (November 9), said that this latest report he served as additional information for the MACC report he made in May against former FT Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor about conflicts of interest. involved him in the problem of the Rimba Kiara Park.

Yeoh made an announcement during a press conference with Save Kuala Lumpur (SKL) on Saturday (10 No), a coalition of around 30 citizen associations in Kuala Lumpur, which also called on MACC to look into violations on the KLCP 2020.

They said they wanted to identify how these violations occurred, and urged the MACC to investigate those responsible.

"Some of these violations include the sale and transfer of land in Taman Desa, which is intended for public libraries and playgrounds but sold to private developers to build high-rise condominiums," said SKL deputy chairman Datuk M. Ali.

"The other is the alienation and sale of land belonging to the Malaysian Public Health Institute on Bukit Persekutuan to private developers, and changes in land use from institutions to commercial mixes."

Ali said SKL also questioned the legality of the 2020 KLCP which was confirmed, because it was different from the 2008 draft which was publicly displayed for consultation.

"This is contrary to Part 14 of the 1982 Federal Territory Law (Planning), because recent changes have never been publicly displayed," Ali said.

"FT Minister Khalid Abdul Samad also said he would allow SKL to see the plan before confirmation, but that did not happen. We want to know who audited the plan that identified 273 violations.

"Is that an independent audit? What is the follow-up of these violations and who will be responsible for them?" Tanya Ali,

He said SKL wanted to urge the FT Minister to ensure greater transparency and accountability for the upcoming KLCP 2040.

"We hope that the entire process for KLCP 2040 will be conducted in a consultative, accountable and transparent manner," he said.

"This should include independent planners, architects, and other professionals from outside the KL to ensure accountability and transparency, because previous people involved have working relationships with developers and may not be fully independent."

Ali added that SKL plans to publish a comparison of the 2008 draft draft and 2020 KLCP plan that was confirmed on its Facbook page after the inauguration plan was displayed in public.

The 2020 KLCP plan will be displayed and copies available for sale from Monday (November 12) onwards at DBKL headquarters in Jalan Raja Laut, KL.


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