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Constance Wu Explains Why He Doesn't Clap in & # 39; Asian Incels & # 39;

He has to deal with more than the fair share of his internet troll.

The premiere film Constance Wu & # 39; Crazy Rich Asia, Arrival, Los Angeles, USA - August 7, 2018

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Constance Wu has to deal with more than the internet troll section, and he knows which one to ignore. At the Los Angeles Vulture Festival last night, stars "Crazy Rich Asians" and "Fresh Off the Boat" were asked about their experiences with "MRAsians" – Wu preferred the term "Asian incels," short for "unconsciously celibate" – and explained that " many Asian men are angry because one of my girlfriends is white. "

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"They made the assumption that each of my white girlfriends was based on the boyfriend they saw on my social media, who was the boyfriend I dated when I first started my account, to the time" Fresh from the Boat. " Unless they think I'm a virgin before I'm 30 years old, then … yes, "he said.

"I don't clap back online because I don't feel the need to defend myself," Wu added. "I am really fine in my choice and why I made it – I am very sure of it – so if someone needs to target me to be part of a longer journey about how they feel about themselves or their place in the world , I think it's alright. "

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The explanation came from a discussion about Wu asking to cut the line from the "Rich Asia Rich" scenario that was in the book about not dating Asian men. "I think that is a topic that should have some of its own stories and sounds, but I think what we are trying to do with & # 39; Crazy Rich Asians & # 39; is taking it, and in fact it doesn't even glorify that argument by putting it there, "he said.

"In a book he said wow, I have never dated an Asian man before, but Nick is different. Saying someone is the exception to the rule is to reaffirm the rules. "

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