Wednesday , August 4 2021

The three most popular ways to boost immunity are vitamins C, D, and fish oil – ALWAYS

The start of winter and the pandemic has caused more and more people to worry more and more about maintaining their immune systems. Pharmacists from the country’s main pharmacy chain, Eurovaistinė, say that customers usually choose vitamins C, D and fish oil for this purpose.

Jovita Juodsnukytė, a pharmacist at Eurovaistinė, said that currently the most important vitamins for strengthening immunity, memory and eyes are now paid less for by customers. Vitamins C, D and fish oil are most commonly used to maintain immunity.

The pharmacist comments on the benefits:

Vitamin C. He is almost always a customer favorite. Vitamin C is available in many forms – syrup, capsules, tablets. All forms of vitamin C are well absorbed by the body, but the liquid form is best, especially those that are liposomal. Long-acting capsules and vitamins are also very well absorbed, because they are gradually absorbed by the body, so they last longer.

Vitamin D. This substance is also very often used to maintain immunity. Like vitamin C, this substance can be used in many forms. The same rule applies – the body absorbs liposomes best. Vitamin D can also be sprayed, and this form is absorbed very quickly. Vitamin D spray is convenient to use, can be stored in a handbag or car, no need to add water, so it can be used anywhere.

Fish oil. They are available in liquid or capsule form at pharmacies, and chewing gum is available for children. Adults usually choose capsules because liquid fish oil is not very tasty, but it is important to note that it is the liquid that is better absorbed, so it is advisable to choose this form of fish oil whenever possible.

Pharmacists also warn that vitamins and dietary supplements cannot replace a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle, so you shouldn’t forget to eat a variety of foods, be physically active, and ventilate the room frequently.

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