Thursday , June 17 2021

The Hubble telescope captures smiling galaxies

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NASA caught a snapshot of the "smile" formed in outer space.

Indeed, this exciting discovery is a distant galaxy cluster according to the Hablo Space Telescope.

This cosmic "emotion" was a surprise during this daily Hubble Imagery mission.

This was done through the Wide Field Camera Observatory, used to track long-distance galaxies, to gather more information about how new stars formed.

Specifically, this photo highlights a full galaxy space, many of which belong to SDSS J0952 + 3434 galactic spin.

One galaxy was struck by its resemblance to a smiling face.

The two eyes of the face are independent galaxies. Meanwhile, "mouth" is, in fact, a very good example of a cosmic phenomenon called "gravitational lens".

During this trip, light shifts to large objects. As a result, the light is "distorted and stretched," thus creating this smile emoticon.

This frame was captured when the Hubble Space Telescope used a high-resolution camera to detect and explore regions of star formation.

Stars are usually born in large gas clouds.

These so-called "star nursery nurseries" eventually become unstable and are exposed to fertile gravity, allowing them to form stars.

Photo taken in 2002 / Reuters Scanpix

Photo taken in 2002 / Reuters Scanpix

NASA hopes to analyze the brightness, size and formation of "star crates", and thus learn more about the processes that lead to star formation.

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