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Shopping Online: Fast, Convenient, But Is It Safe?

It is estimated that there are around 1.92 billion people worldwide. online shoppers, and by 2021 this number must exceed a quarter of the planet's population – 2 billion. Shopping online is fast, convenient, and sometimes even cheaper than a physical store, but is it safe and secure? Arthur Erbreider, a Samsung technology expert, told us what to look for before handing over your personal and bank details to online merchants and pressing the "buy" button.

Don't risk yourself

Do you shop at popular online stores around the world that look trustworthy and proven, so you think you are 100 percent safe? It's nice to have a well-protected online store, but for maximum security of your data, shopping on public Wi-Fi networks is not recommended.

"Bank payments are not recommended when connected to a Wi-Fi network that is accessible to all. Cybercriminals know how to monitor devices that are connected to public networks and see what users are doing. If you find that you are shopping, you can fall prey to being it's easy. For example, they can distribute malware on the network or throw fake links that point to infected pages, and worst of all, they can make Wi-Fi access themselves, which when you log in, will steal your data secretly, " said A. Erbreider.

There are cases where you can ignore how the telephone itself is connected to a public network. "To overcome this risk, Samsug's latest smartphone already has smart Wi-Fi, which automatically switches to LTE networks without interruption when it detects a threatening connection. If your cell phone doesn't have this capability, it's better to turn off Wi-Fi when not at home, "The interviewer suggested.

Make sure your online store is safe

The first view where everyone's eyes should turn when they start exploring an online store is the website address. Websites that maintain their own security have SSL certificates that protect the information they receive. Knowing whether a website has this security can be done by looking at the address in the navigation bar – if it starts with HTTPS – you can feel comfortable. However, if you only see HTTP, it is recommended to avoid this site.

Apart from online shopping sites, gadgets are becoming increasingly popular. So Samsung technology expert A. Erbreider suggests downloading shopping gadgets only from stores recommended by handset manufacturers that are proven to be safe. You should also avoid gadgets that have very low download rates and ratings, such gadgets are unlikely to be hacked, and your bank details may fall into the hands of fraudsters.

Shop responsibly

While shopping online seems like a very easy and no-brain activity, you must understand that even when you buy a cheap one, you entrust your personal and banking information to an online store. As a result, Erbreider advises you to think about whether you will shop there before registering for an online store. If not, it is best to buy using the guest feature.

However, if you decide you want to have a personal account, create a strong password when registering, and you have to set up authentication for several factors – in this case you will receive a confirmation message on your device before making a purchase and ensure that no one else can make payments .

Erbreider also recommends that you use the identity management feature, which allows you to store all available passwords, PINs under one primary password of your choice. It's easy to have an authentication system offered directly by your smart manufacturer, because Samsung owners, for example, are immediately given a Samsung Pass.

Before you register for this site, make sure your e-mail, which is linked to your bank details, has never been caught by cyber criminals. You can see it at If your data has ever been compromised and stolen, you will see exactly where it was done and you can avoid these sites in the future. You are also advised to change your e-mail in this regard so that you do not risk your banking details.

Protect your intelligence and money

Thorough protection is needed to prevent cyber attacks, data loss and loss of money. Mobile technology connoisseurs recommend updating your smartphone as soon as your phone offers it. This update strengthens security, removes old vulnerabilities and updates security settings to protect against malicious gadgets and prevent criminals from accessing your personal information.

To protect your bank account, log in to your online banking. Most banks offer the option to set a limit on the amount of money that can be debited over a certain time period or a single payment. In this case, at least you will not suffer huge losses if your card tries to be debited in an online store without your knowledge.

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