Monday , April 12 2021

Please note: each pharmacy must have these medicines and medicines

The Patient Cashier has approved the new Drug List and Medical Aid (MAP) needed for the pharmacy.

From now on, this list is extended to one third, and a total of 89 drugs and actions are replaced by Mandatory Health Insurance funds (PSDF).

"Currently, the list of drugs needed at pharmacies includes pain relief, blood pressure lowering, cardio-enhancing drugs, anti-glaucoma. Also antibiotics for the treatment of infectious diseases, medicines for diabetes, depression, asthma, etc. In addition, pharmacies must have a diagnosis to determine blood glucose, diapers and other actions most often needed by patients, "said Evaldas Stropus, Head of the State Drug Compensation Department of the State Patient Fund under the Ministry of Health (VLK).

According to him, the law stipulates that pharmacies must remain daily medicines and MPP is replaced by PSDF on the list of important medicines and actions. If the pharmacist avoids offering drugs that are needed or not offered, because the pharmacy does not have it and instead of trying to inject another, the population is urged to inform the local disease fund (ICD) immediately.

"It is important to know that this list includes drugs and supplements where the PSDF is the lowest. Thus, patients who come to the pharmacy can be sure that it will find the lowest premium for the drug or MPP listed and will not be overpaid, "press E. Stropus.

These medicines and medicines must be provided by each pharmacy – a list can be found here.

If you do not receive the drug or MPP included in the medication list at the pharmacy, the patient's cashier is advised to report the following:

Vilnius TPK tel. (8 5) 266 1364,

Kaunas TLK tel. (8 37) 20 8846,

Klaipeda TLK tel. (8 46) 38 0738,

Siauliai TLK tel. (8 41) 52 0043,

Panevezys TLK tel. (8 45) 59 6192.

The list of medicines and medicines needed for the pharmacy must be compiled taking into account the drugs and MPP most often prescribed in Lithuania. This list includes medicines which are published more than 1,500 reciprocal recipes per month and supplied by two or more suppliers. Also included in the mandatory list is MPP which has more than 1000 recipes per month. Such a list in Lithuania is renewed every three months.

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