Tuesday , July 27 2021

Nvidia's giant Crypt-driven technology is not comparable to extracting currencies Business

Nvidia's corporate value for the first time since the end of 2017 has fallen below $ 100 billion. Prices fell 18.8% on Friday alone, and currently campaign costs are $ 164.4. In comparison, in September, share prices reached a record $ 280.

What happened when investors began to shake tech giant shares – published results were significantly worse than analysts had expected.

Nvidia has pledged $ 2.7 billion in sales, which is far less than analysts had estimated for $ 3.4 billion. Instead of increasing sales, graphic processor manufacturers are now expected to reduce sales by more than 7 percent, compared to last year last year.

The market flows after a cryptanalytic explosion

The kryptovaliut explosion of the past has caused huge demand for video cards. The CryptAudio maker won the fastest Nvidia video card to pay for newly framed cryptanalists like ether (ETH) in just a few months, writes The Motley Fool.

However, ether, which still costs around $ 1,400 in January, currently costs only $ 173.

The same video card, which last year was recorded with cryptoscales worth $ 60-80 dollars per month, will currently limit the value to only $ 10 – unpaid electricity costs.

As a result, the cashier of kryptovaliut is currently no longer willing to buy expensive equipment.

What's more, video cards compete with special ASIC devices specifically for cryptolite extraction.

So the Nvidia gold core was erased.

At the moment, Nvidia is also sitting on a large number of video processors. Nvidia's manager, Jensen Huang explained: "In the third quarter, we began to experience excess stock after being drunk."

According to him, the decline in prices is estimated, but now prices have dropped, "customers will return and buy" expected.

Colette Kress, director of finance at Colette Kress, said the company's game business does not meet expectations, and because the kryptovalit boom has expired, stocks have begun to accumulate. The price of video cards, which is significantly higher because of the kryptovaliut cassette player, dropped less quickly than expected

Nvidia introduced the next generation of so-called GeForce RTX video cards, the most expensive and designed for the most interesting computer gamers in the fall. However, most of the stock consists of a generation of older middle-class graphics processors.

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