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N. Narmontaite's life code is to create excitement

Scanning life

The N.Narmontaitė book concert was held on the stage of the Vilnius Little Theater. After starting the creative path at the Siauliai Drama Theater, continuing in the drama Kaunas, the actress can now call herself a witch, while Vilnius Minor is a very expensive theater.

Here he played "Mastery Lessons" for the nineteenth season. Maria Callas's character is an actor mastercard. Transforming his hero, N.Narmontaitė is able to convey the entire encyclopedia about the stages of human life.

Another minor drama from N.Narmontaitė was born in the small town of Vilnius. In the show "Wait, who lives here?" Her hero, Kler, even on the bed, keeps the audience's attention from the first minute to the last round of the show. The drama by British playwright Brian Clark raises the problem of euthanasia, but even fights for the right to die dying, the female hero of N.Narmontaitė claims life, teaches you to enjoy every moment and live now.

It's like the screams of life, taking new activities every time, and listing everything and not enough cow skin. "Every region complements each other and me. I have nothing to do with a child who is interested in everything. I do everything with dedication and I enjoy what I do. And with this book, I am very enthusiastic to communicate", – N.Narmontaitė share.

Positive Textbooks

N.Narmontaitė, in a series published by the publisher "Alma littera", speaks not only to the lives of the actors but also reveals the colorful characters of theater people who are invisible with humor and irony.

"For me, the book itself is a positive textbook, even though I am strong, but I have found so many things from my hero in my books," said the actress, who wrote to the invisible theater chronicler.

It takes one year to prepare one book, because most jobs consist of interviews. Nijole wrote it on a video camera – after all, theatrical tales are theatrical.

"It's important to talk to people where they relax, and then they go to tense hearing – and they bruise. Often, we communicate with me at dinner, without haste." There are records that last for 9, and 14 hours, and once for all 24 hours. I entered an actress, so we were angry that we only died for a few hours and we continued the conversation again. These ingredients accumulate, only a small proportion are bound to books, "said N.Narmontaitė, whose newest book, compared to the previous book, has grown 40 more pages.

When preparing the first, many of his police books are unknown – and who will come from here? "What you say is not so serious, an artistic book – a true story about theater," – he recalled criticizing colleagues who had imagined leaving a brochure to all.

Nijolė was pleased that it was now easier for his colleagues to open, and from the many conversations the stories they spoke with did not refuse to laugh from themselves distinguished. "This is one of the strongest qualities of mankind," the fourth book writer was convinced.

Longevity vitamins

When in 2014 N.Narmontaitė presented his first book "Actor, director, cashier, not seen by the audience", after theater betting makers, pan-Ukrainian actor Algirdas Paulavičius admitted: "You extended my life."

He, like the beautiful actress Grazina Balandytė, is like a Nijole fetish. I gave myself an oath that the stories of this legendary scene art teacher would be in every book.

"G. Balandytė is an example of my greatest positivism. I laughed at the fact that I found this type of dildo, a miniature Graylink called" my girlfriend. "His words: I put them on the cover of the four books:" My girlfriend, when I read your books, wants to live, forget about taking drugs. "" This is one of my dearest people, I love and respect him very much, "- admitted the theater legend of Lithuania.

With a good dose of humor, the story of the theater tells the story of wine that survives as a wine that survives to book a long life. In 2017, the N.Narmontaitė entry into the top ten in the library is the most readable. Often, an actress who meets with readers after Lithuania finds a book in her library to read her book that she looks after her back. It only proves how the reader has long positive emotions.

"Often I ask if it's difficult to write a book, and I say: when you hear laughter, everything goes easily," said the author of a simple recipe for books that guarantees a good dose of enthusiasm. "There is nothing more fun than acknowledging that I called someone that day."

Big little guy

The book, which according to N.Narmontaite, can be read from anywhere, unites the same structure: there are also memories of theater circles, and stories about theater people who are not visible but are very important.

"I don't want to call them small ones, because they are great people. Costume designers, clothing makers, make-up artists, stage workers, and firefighters – it is impossible to register a profession without the performance or glory of the actor. – said this gap to fill panoramic actresses.

Artists, cashiers, students, and fans, as well as those who create the aura of the theater, enter the horizon. Nijolė, with the greatest nostalgia and respect, remembers the theater days celebrated at Siauliai, when the tables broke out from their own food show, and they were both respected by the stage and behind the scenes.

"Never has division been important and not important, and today, in some theaters, during holidays, tables are covered by imaginary hierarchies," said the actress known for her friendliness and dignity.

Since studying, he likes to be friends with cleaners, stage workers, cashiers. "When I began to deepen their lives, I found such depth," said N.Narmontaitė, who paid homage to the invisible theater people. "Including the story of the cashier inspired by the cashier Danutė Bencevičiūtė, cashier of the Theater Kaunas Memorial Drama, who was very fond of theater. He wrote strange questions from the audience, and my notes were then presented to me."

Another in the new book is the award given to its roots. "The 2019 was published in the year of Samogitia, therefore, I chose the book for Samogitians, and not only. I have written the story of my own theater in Samogitian – the language I heard when growing on Telšiai, which is now, with pleasure," rokoujous. "A little, I was baptized, it would be a hard nut. And Samogit itself," laughed at the actress who didn't mind the ideas.

Inspire and support

How do two writers gather together under one roof? Nijolė man Paulius Kovas – Participant of the 1 000 year old Odyssey cruise ship "Ambersail", a traveler, lecturer, published the book "Living in a storm: how to stay dry".

I like people to laugh. We laugh a lot with Paul, often from the morning. And it comes out naturally – just kidding, from small things we make our own party.

"Paul was the person who supported me the most – he was the first person to share the vision of my book – this is my loyal partner, and we traveled across Lithuania traveling to meetings with cities and villages, along with foreign Lithuanians," said N.Narmontaitė, soon after that. his book will be presented in Israel.

"We both lost our mind to travel – not for tourists, but for those who live in ordinary societies. Both coverage of the country and Lithuanians meet – they invite such trips – do not convey the joy of the future and still maintain the impression of the last visit to Sakartvel. " We crossed a number of non-Wandering as it was the most valuable. We never allow money for hotels, we live in local hotels, but sincerity of these people! "

Going more and more on the basis of life are provisions such as Nijolė and Paulius. And the companion needed when traveling through life – laughs.

"I like it when people laugh. We often laugh with Paul, often from the morning, and it will come naturally – just kidding, we make parties from little things," – shared the actress, who had prepared the stage "Dzjugena "Then it gives a code of life – to create joy.

Daily routine

* N.Narmontaitė is a fisherman and passionate mushroom, this hobby is often reflected in his dress style.

* He is a grandmother who loves Niola, as Grandpa Kamila called it.

* From Dad Nijolė not only inherited actor and singing talent, but also talent for sewing, knitting.

* He modeled clothes, and his design ideas were implemented by Lina, a seamless stitching company for years.

* He bought jeans for his first lifetime salary of 120 rubles.

* Never appear without jewelry – this is an important part of the picture.

* For years, Paloma Picasso was honored for perfume. Once upon a time, before seeing the show they did not add, they returned home to pick up.

* Nijole is a superb dish and the cakes are second to none. Only books "Actors, Artists, and Beautiful Workers – What the viewers don't see" they cook for a 12-course presentation!

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