McDonald's restaurant opened at Marijampolė – DELFI Business


McDonald's' new in Marijampolė is the first network restaurant in the Suwalki area. This is the first A + energy class restaurant in the Baltic and an energy class business building in the city. The number of restaurant networks has increased to 14 in all of Lithuania and 36 restaurants in the Baltic State.

"In Lithuania, McDonald's restaurants visit more than 9 million visitors every year. This year we have completed the modernization of all restaurants, by 2018 we have invested more than 2.1 million euros in development in Lithuania," said Vladimir Janevski, Managing Director McDonald's & # 39; s for the Baltic States.

The new restaurant in Marijampole is located in the heart of the Old City and is seen from every side of the road. "The constant growth of Lithuania's economy gives full confidence not only to Lithuania's largest cities, but also to smaller ones, which undoubtedly contribute to the country's economic growth. The first city in which we developed was Marijampole – here we managed to secure a place good for restaurants in a short time. We want to be a special place: in the heart of the city, which is easily accessible both on foot and by car, and we are very happy to open a new restaurant here ", – said Vladimir Janevski.

Restaurant area – 405 sq. M. M. Metro, near the restaurant is 95 square meters. A meter-sized terrace. In good weather, 128 guests can go to the restaurant at a time – 84 seats are located indoors and 44 seats on the terrace.

The exact address of the new restaurant is Kauno street 28, Marijampolė. The restaurant will work every day from 07:00 until midnight, and McDrive – all the time.


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