In the prison system, new scandals are increasing


22-year-old human trafficking case. Martynas (changed name – is recognized as a victim, being investigated at the Kaunas Regional Court. He, underage, difficult material situation, poor education, lack of strong social connections, drugs dependent on alcohol and narcotics, were hijacked and taken to Germany.

He had to steal alcoholic beverages, food, equipment from the store, and fuel from the car. The series of crimes were interrupted by German police detained by Martyne. The offenders are now being tried in Kaunas.

At the same time, Martynas himself was being tried in another case – he was allegedly theorized in Lithuania, so, like his violators, he was kept in the Kaunas interrogation detention center.

Threatened that it won't live?

Inside the insulator, Martynas, as a lawyer, found himself in a cell with a victim.

After learning about this situation, Kristina Misinienė, Head of the Center for the Prevention of Human Trafficking in Humanity (KOPŽI), appealed to the Minister of Justice, Attorney General, Chief Prosecutor of the Kaunas Prosecutor's Office, Reman Kaunas Prison and Prison Department.

No reaction has been received so far.

COME TO PSYCHOSOCIAL HELP FOR 22 YEARS Martyna, who has been recognized as a victim of human trafficking, has provided summer.

As stated in the complaint, the impact on the victim has occurred in a temporary detention facility. October 4 Victims and two defendants were staged from insolators to the Kaunas Regional Court. The court has stated that these people must be evacuated separately.

"However, before the trial, Martyn was placed together in a single temporary detention cell on TD charges, the other defendants, DV, were placed separately from Martine and Defense Defenders, took advantage of the situation and learned that Martine intended to testify against them, had a psychological effect on himself, threatening that he would not live from an insulator, if he would provide evidence that was not favorable to the defendant.

In the prison system, new scandals are increasing

Victims who were intimidated in the court made false testimony, supported the defendant, "- read with complaints.

It also noted that Martynas had experienced the physical and psychological violence of the defendant: he was seriously disturbed by health, while paralyzing his face. This kid is easily vulnerable because of experience, difficult social situations and young age.

Knowing Ms. K. Mishiniene, when Martin was in temporary detention and waited to be brought to court, someone opened the door and took the victim to court. It takes about an hour in this room.

Worried nothing had happened

Interrogation Insulator Kaunas informed that after receiving notification, the Criminal Intelligence Division conducted an official investigation.

"Preliminary data collected still completely denied the information provided by the convicted person that he was placed in a temporary detention cell with the defendant before proceeding to the Kaunas District Court," said the Prison Department.

In the Department's interpretation, officials, in the process of investigation, reviewed videos taken by video surveillance cameras installed in the Reception and Distribution Section. It was stated that "the person was immediately and immediately transferred to the convoy official who arrived and was not even placed in a temporary storage cell and therefore had no contact with the people mentioned."

As stated in the answer, the Executive Arrest Law regulates the seizure of prisoners and prisoners, which are highly adhered to by these institutions. According to the Ministry, there were no violations in this case.

Lawyer: There is no video camera in that area

At that time, Martyr's lawyer, Ingrida Maldeikienė, told LRT.t to trust the client and his final place. In the interrogation detention center in Kaunas, he explained how such a situation might be, the location where and where the camera was built.

He told himself from the night to call the palace secretary, reassuring him that the defendants and victims he represented would be given sufficient isolation. In court, according to lawyers, there is no problem. According to lawyers, this happened at Reman Kaunas Prison before being taken to court.

"Then, the victim himself said that the ex was loaded into a room with one defendant. He said this at the meeting. This happened when convicted prisoners were taken out of the room and taken to the basement at the entrance to the place, then divided into there were five small cameras made there, then I went to see the officers, and I learned that they contained one person, "said I. Maldeikienė.



According to the lawyer, the corridor was found from the corridor, and there was a camera in it. In this corridor, he said, and there is no video camera. "It is not clear what happened in the small corridor, or split into separate cameras," said the interlocutor.

According to lawyers, the insulator interrogation representative can now say that everything was done correctly, because the corridor did not have a video camera.

According to I. Maldeikiene, the boy was very scared and changed his position in court. "We were all shocked, we did not know what had happened. He said he did not want to give evidence, and after the meeting, asking what happened, said he was very scared," said I. Maldeikienė.

In the case of trafficking, Martin has been recognized as a victim but has been arrested in another theft process. According to the lawyer, he stole freedom without what could survive.

Is this "mysterious hand"?

"To prevent victims of trafficking trying to suppress all incidents, this incident also shows. As a bad film, the enemy for a" mysterious hand "clock was injected into the camera at the victim just before the trial. And this later in court denied the previous impression, nobody have any claim.

In the prison system, new scandals are increasing

We have no doubt that after human rights violations, any violations of any regulation or regulation, trafficked persons will be prosecuted. But what about the people who open the door for victims, after all, here are clients and strong organizers? "- head of KOPŽI K.Mišinienė.

According to K. Mishiniene, such an event destroyed the reputation of our country as a victim of human trafficking. "If it is difficult to guarantee undamaged witnesses for the protection we deserve in our international affairs, as a strong response to organized crime," he asked rhetorically.

Information collected by detainees from Reman Kaunas Prison has been transferred to a pre-trial investigation into Kaunas Gabija District Prosecutor Večerinskienė. This situation caused bankruptcy to be handed over to the administration of Reman Kaunas Prison, and partly because of the possible impact on the victim ordered to explain to police Alytus.

The victim's isolation and the suspect were confirmed, officials from the Criminal Police Criminal Investigation Department, Police Chief, District Police Chief Alytus explained. Research findings must be disclosed in the coming week.

The court orders shipping separately

The Kaunas District Court explained to the Kaunas interrogation insulator and the Kaunas Branch Commander from the Public Security Service that they had to ensure that the victims were sent to a separate hearing from the defendant. The meeting secretary informed that before the trial, he spoke with the Interrogation Bankruptcy Officer by telephone, and reminded him once more about the individual phases.

According to Judge Janas Daubaraitė, the court is only from LRT. I learned that the victim before the trial could be in one room with the defendant.


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