Saturday , October 23 2021

Derby record: “Žalgiris” sweeps “Rytas” by 47 points


Žalgiris, who took advantage of the rare lineup, won an impressive victory at home 92:45 (23:11, 22:11, 27:11, 20:12).

So far, the Kaunas team’s biggest victory in the derby was won in the 2019 LKL final, with 38 points with a difference of 92:54.

The inhabitants of Vilnius celebrated their winning streak in 2009, when Žalgiris was destroyed by a margin of 42 points 100: 58.

In Sunday’s match in Kaunas, Žalgiris had a 12-point lead after half-time (23:11), which nearly doubled to 23 points (45:22) before the long break.

In the second half of the match, the hosts did not relax and continued to crush their opponents. “Žalgiris” ran forward unhindered, and the people of Vilnius, who made peace with defeat from the start, were unable to compete with the Lithuanian champions.

On Friday, Kaunas’ team in the Euroleague competes with Barcelona, ​​so this time Martin Schiller will give a break to one of its leaders – center striker Joffrey Lauvergne.

Since mid-November, Rytas’ losses who have not played with Corona virus cases have been much higher. Maurice Ndour and Ryan Boatright (both COVID-19), Andrew Goudelock (muscle sprain), Rokas Gustys (shoulder injury) and Arnas Butkevičius (finger fracture) did not help the capital team.

Donaldas Kairys only has 7 healthy main players, so two members of the reserve team Rokas Jocius and Adas Šimonis were invited before the match.

In the fourth quarter, A. Šimonis scored the first points of his career at Betsafe-LKL. The defender scores one free throw in the 15th minute.

Midfielder R. Jocius has not scored in 13 minutes.

Marekas Blaževičius had the opportunity to appear in the ranks of “Žalgiris”, who scored 10 points and bounced 6 balls in 22 minutes.

Karolis Lukošiūnas took his chances worse, scoring 3 points in the “Ryto” basket in 23 minutes.

Kaunas team victory coupled with the injury to Steve Vasturia. The defender from the United States suffered a road injury in the second half and was unable to continue the match.

Žalgiris: Lukas Lekavičius 17, Marius Grigonis 14, Rokas Jokubaitis 11 (6th ed.), Marekas Blaževičius 10, Artūras Milaknis 9.

Morning: Martynas Echodas 10 (8th room), Dovis Bičkauskis 9 (1/4 trit.), Gytis Radzevičius and Mindaugas Girdžiūnas – 6 each.

The basketball players “Žalgiris” won the 84:72 derby in Vilnius in October.

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