Sunday , April 5 2020
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D. D. Dulkys dim, and D. Giedraitis, who promised, suffered injuries

Estudiantes Spain (2/2) wins at home in Spain 87:79 (20:18, 14:20, 26:19, 27:22) defeated Manresa Baxi (1/3).

The Estudiantes victory of Lithuania was very overwhelmed For David Giedraitis. The 19-year-old defender suffered an injury in the second round, after which he did not return to parquet. He was replaced by his colleague Adam Sola.

Before injury, the Lithuanian managed to play 7 minutes, which he lost three points, took over the ball once and fouled and scored a negative utility score.

After the match, strategist Estudiantes Alexander Dzhikich showed optimism about Lithuania.

"Tomorrow we will see the extent of Giedraitis trauma, hopefully it is not something very serious. "He will play more today because Phil Pressey is quick to foul, so the rotation is a little different," the strategist said.

His club scored 26 points for Canadian Philip Scrubb, 17 for Dario Brizuela and 12 for Victor Arteaga (12 replies).

The match was also impressive for Lithuanian Baxi For David Duck. The defender starts the game at the beginning of five, but scores 6 points (0/1 colon, 2/4 three points) in 17 minutes, passes, fouls once and scores 3 utility points.

Manresa was led by Davis Kravish (19 rebounds), 19 points, Juan Pablo Vaulet (16) and Dani Perez (14).

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