Alen Chicco's debut concert: it's not yet in Lithuania


On Christmas Eve, on December 23, at St. magical The atmosphere of Catherine's Church will not be less magical about the appearance of Tom Alenchic – Alen Chicco. Tom has become famous on the Lithuanian "X-factor" and has gained a huge fan flow for this project even before the end. Alen Chicco's concert debut will be special, because the audience is not only waiting for a comfortable and festive atmosphere, but also a number of surprises.

The bright concert design will be guarded by the authors of one of the largest light arts projects in Lithuania, the ABLight team led by Art Director Arvydas Buinauskas: "Although there is no shortage of concerts during the holiday season, we will try to surprise all listeners with unconventional solutions and not yet seen, "promised the team representative.

"Right now, I am working together and improving the script, discussing how to enjoy the most beautiful concerts, want it to be unusual, but in a completely new format, players talk about upcoming concerts.

He assured that there was no St. Catherine, or in another church in Lithuania, these people haven't seen.

"For me, it will be a very big challenge, but I admire it. Preparing ideas and fulfilling ideas gives you the most satisfaction," said Tom.

Tom Alenchik will present his debut song "I & # 39; m Here" and a hymn that he created specifically for the city of Vilnius. The concert will feature famous hits all over the world: Marry night, Apologize, Purple Rain, etc. These songs are very close to the player himself, because, as he himself said, these songs not only accompanied him throughout his life, but reflected his thoughts.

"You will hear the most popular works from the" X-factor ", which I realize the most," – laughed the player. He was interested that famous guests would visit the debut concert, but did not intend to issue their names. "Let this be a secret. Everything will be revealed to the concert", – Alen Chicco passed her secret.

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