Tuesday , July 27 2021

Why are we only related to trademarks

News Now Dubai – United Arab Emirates – (Agencies)

Psychologists have revealed the reasons for our association with several brands and not buying products.

Smoking is a big part of many people's lives today, which affects them negatively and quitting smoking must be right. Many doctors recommend quitting smoking before reaching the age of 40-45 years, because the heart and blood vessels will not return to Fully after 15 years of smoking.

Research also shows that most heart attacks and strokes are caused by 70% of smokers who smoke a pack of cigarettes every day for 20 years.

The study found that the higher the number of cigarettes smoked by the person, the more lung and heart and blood vessel problems, and that neglect of smoking greatly affected a person's initial health, but over time, the speed of return of indicators to normal situations in people.

Doctors recommend that even after 16 years, all the negative effects of smoking will not disappear.

This shows that a smoker who wants to leave a bad habit must take this step as soon as possible.

Studies show that five years after quitting, the risk of heart attack and stroke decreased 38 percent. "

Data also shows that passive smoking kills nearly 6 million people per year. It has become clear to scientists that smoking not only affects the lungs, but also extends to all members of the body and accelerates aging and irreversibly changes the shape of blood vessel walls, making it fragile.

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