Tuesday , July 27 2021

The team practices for two periods to improve fitness

Tariq Khairi, coach of the men's basketball team's first team, stressed that the team is currently training for two periods to improve physical fitness and improve physical aspects despite the suspension of the league championship due to national team relations for the coming period.

Tariq Khairi said on Sunday that there was great interest in the physical aspect, to achieve everyone's fitness to the best level before continuing the competition, as well as training on technical and planning aspects.

The team has returned to training after the players rested after their last match in the pro-league tournament.

On the other hand, Mody Al-Jarhi continues to treat his injury to the neck cartilage.

Players carry out rehabilitation and physiotherapy exercises and are scheduled to participate in group training in the next few days, during the league suspension period.

Al-Jarhi suffered a severe bruise on his neck during his participation with the team in Hariri's friendly international competition held in Lebanon.

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