The solution doors are closed … and Hariri is rubbish! Battalion


Visitors to the House of Representatives did not feel anything real about the problems of the March 8 MPs, but they noticed that the state of "dirt" prevented the President from appointing Saad Hariri, who told him he was no longer alone or a boy, all attempts to remove mines in front of the government formation », adding that he did what he had for the formation of the government and finalized the composition in the form that was supposed to announce his decision two weeks ago, after making all the concessions needed from him, but he asked:« Am I supposed to sacrifice for Lebanon, while others don't take serious steps? "

Of course, visitors to the "middle house" came out with the impression that the door of the solution was closed, and that the only difference in communication between the parties with the current conflict – the president appointed on the one hand and Hezbollah and representatives March 8 on the side another – Minister Bassil, although its features have not been fully clarified, due to the lack of disclosure of details or confidentiality, emphasizes that there are several outstanding proposals to achieve the common denominator facilitating the writing process.

In this context, political sources familiar with the file see the government «brigade» that it is not allowed to continue the current swing waiting for more unknowns, and that the Bassil movement is working to turn corners, because the current situation is becoming increasingly difficult and accurate, Especially after things became closed, following the position of the Hezbollah Secretary-General recently, Mr. Hassan Nasrallah, where he wanted the participation of the president who was responsible for forming a government that violated the constitution, which gave him full power to be formed in consultation with the president. A Republic, mainly because it captures support from its popular spiritual and political community.

These sources require everyone to surrender and think of the first and foremost national interest because it is the basis, expressing regret for the position of six Sunni MPs, who fought, because it became clear to other people's weapons, especially Hezbollah's weapons, even though everyone acknowledged they represent the chosen segment of Lebanese people. .

Emphasize that priority must form the government today before tomorrow, and that there is no more time to waste, announcing its refusal to continue adopting the «finger biting» policy, to see which teams will suffer before others, because waiting will become the house becomes more painful. , With citizens without exception, and who suffer more day after day, in the light of economic, financial and social realities, which become more difficult ».

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