The necklace for Marie Antoinette sells for $ 36 million


Tomorrow – A diamond necklace owned by Marie-Antoinette from France and embroidered with an extraordinary pearl necklace for $ 36 million on Wednesday night in Geneva as part of an auction of 10 pieces of jewelry.
The price of the necklace, which contains natural pearls in the form of collections, is estimated to be between one million and two million dollars. It was sold at an auction held by Sotheby's for $ 36 million for a party that asked not to be identified.
Ten jewelry offered for sale has generated a total of $ 43 million, because the total price of the house is estimated at $ 3 million. And the sale of diamond buckles is estimated at eighty thousand dollars, at a price of 1.75 million in the end.
Ten of these ornaments come from the Bourbon Parmes collection and have not been exhibited publicly for two centuries. He has traveled the world in the last few weeks for public conferences that have enabled luxury jewelers to enjoy this fascinating piece of history.


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