Friday , December 4 2020 – The government is coming soon?

News: All political indications indicate that the formation of a government is very close. Although some obstacles may take some time to overcome. Most of the troops that will participate in the administration decide to facilitate the composition, with the aim of issuing a decision before the US presidential election date next Tuesday.

A few days before the US election, all eyes are on the second round of indirect negotiations with Israel’s enemies in Naqoura over maritime demarcation. The importance of this round lies in the serious start of the negotiations, as the Lebanese team will confirm the country’s decision to negotiate from the Naqoura point by land and the one that stretches by sea according to the median line technique, without taking into account any impact on the occupied Palestinian coastal islands. In practical terms, this means that the area to be claimed by Lebanon exceeds 863 square kilometers, which, thanks to the mistakes of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora’s first rule (2005-2008), turned into “disputed territory”, amid speculation that the Israeli delegation will reject the issue and trying to extend the trial or obstruct negotiations.

While awaiting what will emerge from this session, internal views are drawn to the upcoming government consultations, whose authorship is loved in utter secrecy, with a positive atmosphere created about them, it is not known whether it is based on facts or just hope.

At first glance, most of the political forces affirmed their desire to quickly create, to implement reforms that would release what they called “international financial support”. However, unspoken demands undoubtedly take time to agree. Until yesterday evening, he was convinced that the size of government would not represent a single node in the course of composition, because there was consensus on the composition of the twenties, after Prime Minister Saad Hariri chose from 14 ministers. With the exception of the Ministry of Finance, which was cut from the section of the Shi’a community, information crossed when it was agreed also on the principle of rotation, and specialist ministers selected by the party. On the other hand, there is no answer regarding the distribution of portfolios or the name of the party, but the search is still in the orbit of sectarian and sectarian distribution.

While Hariri visited the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun yesterday, and discussed the writing file, an informed source denied that Hariri had brought with him any initial ranks, suggesting that “he might do it another time, because he will be visiting him next Thursday.” The source said, “The two presidents discussed roadmaps for distributing portfolios, but not on parties, as well as government programs and government measures.” While the media office at Baabda Palace stressed that “the meeting presented the government situation in an atmosphere of understanding of the progress made so far,” a continued source said, “Aoun is interested in the broadest representation in the government and listens to all opinions.” In this context, the President of the Republic received the President of the Lebanese Democratic Party, Deputy Talal Arslan, accompanied by Social Minister Ramzi Musharrafia and former Minister Saleh al-Gharib, and the President of the Arab Tauhid Party also received former Minister Weam Wahhab.

In context, several leaks have begun to emerge, which speak of that the only current node in the manufacturing file relates to the Christian quota, and how it is distributed between the republic’s president, government and Christian parties, especially that Hezbollah “has no problem letting go of the Ministry of Health. if agreed. Rotation principle ».

However, a source familiar with the flow of deliberation confirmed that «the distribution of some bags had been concluded before, for example the Ministry of Home Affairs would be from the part of the President of the Republic, while the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would be from the part of the Sunni community, and discussion of this was limited to a number of names to take over . Among them: The Head of the Lebanon Mission to New York, Ambassador Amal Mudallali, Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hani Al-Shumaitili, and the Lebanese Ambassador to Germany, Mustafa Adib, but were rejected by the Lebanese Ambassador.

It was also decided that “the Ministry of Health will go to former Deputy Walid Jumblatt, and the Ministry of Social Affairs may also be with him (or a settlement between him and Arslan and Wahab), which are the two ministries that Hariri had previously promised the chairman of the Socialist Party before the consultation.”

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