Tuesday , May 18 2021

Signed Lebanon-India strategic partnership agreement to strengthen the maritime transportation sector

Under the auspices of the President of Lebanon's Economic Authority Mohammed Choucair and the presence of the Indian Ambassador in Lebanon Sanjeev Arora, a strategic partnership agreement was signed at the Beirut Chamber and Mount Lebanon headquarters in the field of sea transportation between Lebanese company XOCLASS represented by Chairwoman Wissam Ali Hassan and INDIAN REGISTER OF SHIPPING) Represented by Rajeev Rao, Regional Manager, Middle East and Africa.

This agreement aims to enhance XOCLASS's capabilities in maritime transportation, particularly in the areas of classification, certification, development of the ship management sector, achieving the highest standards in the region, protecting customers and providing the best service.

"IRCLASS" is listed as one of the twelve best international shipping companies in IACS, namely, monitoring, auditing, classification, service management, maritime sector certification and various types of ships and ships.


In this context, Choucair congratulated the president of XOCLASS and Wissam Ali Hassan on signing this agreement, which would transfer Lebanese companies to the world ranks. He stressed that Lebanon's private sector is characterized by high dynamics and the ability to develop and adapt to global demands, demonstrating that what we are witnessing today is in this context and contributes to strengthening the pillars of maritime transportation and its employees and customers in Lebanon.

"This program shows how much the Lebanese private sector believes in its country despite all the difficult conditions we experience. It also shows the extent to which international companies trust the Lebanese private sector and its pioneering role in the region and the world," he said. "For all this and for our country and its people, I call on the conscience of all officials to facilitate the birth of the government to save the rest of the economy."

Ambassador of India

Meanwhile, Indian Ambassador Sanjiv Arora welcomed the signing of the agreement, which he considered an important step to enhance cooperation between the two countries. "We aspire to more alliances between Indian and Lebanese companies to develop our bilateral economic relations, especially because there are many opportunities that can be worked out together," he said.


Wissam Ali Hassan said that this agreement is a significant step towards developing the ship management sector and to achieve the highest international standards, promising more projects and creating other areas to provide the best service to customers.

Wesam Ali Hassan said that the two companies will work hand in hand to improve maritime safety and environmental protection by a group of expert engineers who will provide appropriate sea services.


Rajiv Rao said, "We aim to expand to the Middle East through XOCLASS." "This expansion plan underlines our commitment to the growth in the number of customers in the region and the convergence between taxonomic communities on the one hand and shipowners on the other."

Signature of the Agreement

Hassan and Raw signed an agreement before Choucair and the Ambassador of India, then lunch was held at the Business Club in Beirut and Mount Lebanon.

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