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Saudi Arabia Sports News "Betsi coach's message for our players!"

Saudi News Exclusive Today Monday 19 November

Many of our teams chose to play two friendly matches in FIFA days against Yemen and Jordan and asked why our team did not continue to play against big teams.

* Everyone knows that playing with big teams is at a certain stage and will return to the team but now it's hard to continue playing with them because the team is close to the Asian Cup.

* After the announcement of our team at the Asian Cup, which came from the team (North Korea, Lebanon and Qatar), the technical team tried to choose a team that was close to the performance of these teams to play together.

* Yemen and Jordan in the eyes of the majority will not add much technical to the team, but the style of the team and the way they play may be close to the Lebanese national team and specifically.

* The thinking of our coach (Betzi) is now starting to be based on the selection of a team similar to the style of the team that we will play in the Asian Cup is logical and logical thinking.

* All team coaches when they participate in any tournament and it becomes clear to them the group starts working in a friendly approach from the team that will play in front of them.

* In FIFA days often and most find teams even play big two matches, one with a strong team, and the other with a much lower team.

* Playing two friendly matches on FIFA days at a high level might burden any team with high burdens and fatigue and possibly losing players due to injury and so most teams avoid this.

* Our team plays the first match against Yemen and wins the goal, which is the most technical match and tomorrow's Jordan match is the strongest and will be an important test for our team.

* Jordan matches will not be available, even though our players' abilities and abilities are far better than Jordan's abilities, but these things disappear in the game.

* I like to coach our team when he says: football doesn't have a strong or difficult team, everyone competes in a box and the decision is to be the most prepared team. It is important for players and must understand and work.

* After a certain stage it is expected to become a coach our team really stops at all levels of the players and has an almost complete perception of the names that will be with him in the Asian Cup.

Finally ..

It's not easy for our coach (Petzi) to be in the Asian Cup because he has to take over the title and not others, so we have to trust his abilities and support the players and we will support the team in the next stage if we want to achieve and achieve our goals.


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