Friday , December 4 2020

My dad met Aoun and Bassil and everyone encouraged him to come back

“All the officials in Lebanon he met encouraged him to return to Lebanon,” said Dina Al-Fakhoury, daughter of agent Amer Al-Fakhoury, noting that “when he was arrested, they denied him.”

And in an interview on the channel “the”MTVAl-Fakhoury claimed that “his father was killed by the Lebanese state,” noting that “Al-Fakhoury arrived in Lebanon via the Beirut airport and visited the Public Security Center to collect his passport, and he toured and met a number of people.”

Al-Fakhoury claims that “all Lebanese parties know who Amer Al-Fakhoury is, and everyone encourages him to return to Lebanon when he meets with all the officials.” He said: “My father is active politically, and he has meetings with a number of political figures, and he wants a return of Christians to the south. As a person who was deported. ”

Al-Fakhoury revealed that “his father believed in a strong agreement, and he also met the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun and Member of Parliament Gebran Bassil,” and said: “After he returned, everyone left him.”

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