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Megan Markle delivered a strong message to repeat her clothes

When we want to talk about what's in the princess' wardrobe, or even what they choose for each look, it's wise and coordinated from hairstyles to dresses with shoes and accessories. Today's talk will be aimed primarily at the beautiful English court of Kate Middleton and Megan Markle, more specifically to Duchess of Sussex Megan, who has brought us many questions about the repetition of her costume.

When we got to know Megan Markle, we got to know the stars in the Hollywood world and found a tendency to love fashion and fashion did not hesitate for a moment to prove otherwise, where she prepared herself to become a Duchess by choosing the most beautiful fashions, handbags and shoes from the most important brands and most luxurious.

He created for himself his own style and did not care about royal rules and protocols such as wearing pants, leaving socks and wearing nail polish with striking colors.
But what we saw during our Africa tour, and in his recent appearance during a young world summit, we were surprised and became the subject of many fashion critics. Megan repeated the choice of clothing and fashion.
Megan repeated the fashion choice
During our Africa tour, we wrote a lot about the appearance of Megan Markle who didn't have innovation and innovation because she chose the same dress and costume she wore during her visit to Australia in October 2018, when she announced that she was pregnant with her first child.

According to some critics and fashion experts, Megan Markle was the one whose main focus was the concept of the visit and its main theme, not her appearance and clothes, so she didn't seem to care whether the press talked about her or not!
He wore a brand and a sign that anyone could enter his closet, which made him the most famous aristocrat in the world with SOLD words. On the other hand, it is very difficult to find brand names and this confirms that the focus on fashion is not in the first place.

It turns out that if a princess or duke wears a piece once or several times, it has great significance behind her: do they want to emphasize that they are no different from the others? Or try to respond to rumors of waste and spend lots of money on their clothes?

So, it's expected to see Megan repeat her dress and clothes more than once, so what's the message?

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