Friday , December 4 2020

May Odeh win the “Variety” award at the El Gouna Festival – Al-Bina newspaper

Granted magazine « variation»، director والمنتجة Palestinian person مي back person an award Best talent Arab in a East Middle, That gift That The progress Magazine Shape annual, د in Event Courses The fourth From person festival El Gouna person Cinematic, وجاء that In front of, Dig Tamimi director festival, والفنانة Human President Process, And founder Participants At the festival.

And from On his side He revealed مي back About His happiness To get it In gift Saying: Be considered gift one From The most important Gift in a field Cinema About World, And happy Accept it in a festival El Gouna Cinematic, festival That Hugged Project Film «200 Meter»، When Past phrase About Project in a Copy preliminary.

و .ضافت back: happy very ل .ني a woman The product Read on Once Produced Film long, And proud That there Very much appreciated For a role product, Where occur Habit In Give Appreciation للمخرج Shape Greater than, and of course Will God Permanent Our country Give Flower Greater than Lilsinma, ل .نها he Weapons That Will Notify Our story in a Shade Circumstances That Tiger Outside in a Our world Arab, وحبّ that dedication This is gift For my family That Not Still Not Tofu What I do in a Life, And all From Join me profession From Producer in a Every Country.

Odeh stated that he was happy to show the film for the first time at the El Gouna Festival, especially because the reaction was so strong, and this was the best award for him.

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