Know damage because you don't get enough sleep


NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Adults who sleep only six hours a night may have a greater chance of developing drought, according to a recent study conducted by US researchers at the University of Pennsylvania.

According to the Daily Mail website, those who sleep less than 6 hours are dehydrated and drink more water.

To confirm the results of the study, the researchers looked at how sleep affects the risk of drought among Americans and Chinese adults, and found adults who slept for six hours were more prone to dehydration than those who slept eight hours regularly at night.

The researchers found that the body's hormonal system is responsible for preventing dryness, where the release of the hormone "vasopressin" to help regulate the body's moisturizing state, and lack of sleep prevents it from moisturizing.

"Vasopressin is released more quickly at the end of the sleep cycle," said lead author Asher Rosenger, professor of health at the University of Pennsylvania.

Drought affects many systems and functions of the body, including cognition, mood, physical performance, etc. Long-term or chronic dryness can cause more serious problems, such as an increased risk of urinary tract infections and kidney stones.

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