In Wattab's footsteps … Facebook allows the removal of sent messages


The message delete feature on Facebook will soon be available to everyone, this is what Facebook immediately wants, for all users of the Blue social networking site.
Delete messages on Facebook immediately
According to the US Engadget website, deleting messages sent to Facebook will only be available for 100 minutes after sending them, before they are read by the user you sent.
This is similar to what Wattabapp does, allowing the same feature to delete messages that you send from the receiving device, but within one hour after sending it.
So the period offered by Wattabab seems very generous, compared to the short time offered by Facebook.
Site Verge said the feature was "coming soon" in the release notes included with the Messenger Messenger 191.00 Facebook text chat.
Why now decide to activate this feature?
In April 2018, the US TechCrunch website revealed that the Facebook administration had secretly deleted an old message from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and other executives from the inbox of the people who sent it.
The social networking site said it was taking steps to ensure Facebook's information security, following the penetration of Sony Pictures in 2014.
This explanation only serves to further damage the reputation of the company, which has been affected by the continuing consequences of the Cambridge scandal.
The company promised to make it available to everyone to become a kind of admiration for critics.
Even though Facebook maintains that the steps taken in its legal rights, it promises to stop deleting messages and Zuckerberg's colleagues from the user's inbox sent to them, so that it becomes available to everyone.
However, it remains to be seen how this will be carried out. For example, will Facebook notify the recipient that the message has been canceled? Let's find out soon.
Facebook is one of the most important social networks in the world and the most used site.
Where the number of users is around two billion, due to the large percentage of interests, both individuals and even large economic entities.

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