Friday , December 4 2020

If you’re going to buy a PlayStation 5, free 5 stuff

If you are one of those players looking to try out everything new, you may be among those waiting to buy the new PlayStation 5 gaming platform, which is slated to launch on November 12, but before you spend hundreds of dollars on this new gaming platform, You should ask yourself: Is this step appropriate for you, according to the Arab Technology Portal website

Here are 5 things you should consider before buying a new PlayStation 5:

1- Can you buy games and other accessories?

Before you buy anything, you should definitely think about the price, as the PS5 platform is available in two versions: the standard version that comes with a $ 500 drive, or the digital version for $ 400, so if you can afford the console itself, don’t forget. There are additional costs associated with it.

PlayStation 5 games cost $ 70, so buying a few games for the new PS5 console will increase the startup costs dramatically, and games aren’t the only additional cost.

You might want to upgrade your headphones, buy a DualSense controller that costs also $ 70, or buy a cradle to charge it, so you should include all of that in your budget too. In general, depending on how many extras you want to buy, it can easily go up to $ 600 or more.

2- Have you finished playing the PlayStation 4 console games?

The PS4 console has so many great games that you may not have played all of them, so having tons of PS4 games means you can enjoy playing for months or even years before needing to buy a PlayStation 5 console, as most of those old games are still old. It can be played perfectly.

Also, as the PS4 games get older, you can get most of these games for less or at a discount compared to the new PlayStation 5 games.

3- Were you excited about the game when it launched?

Historically, launch offers for the PlayStation gaming platform haven’t been that exciting, as there have usually been one or two high-profile games launched with previously known game titles and others that are generally mediocre.

This means you have nothing to lose if you don’t buy the PlayStation 5 once it launches, however you can view a list of games for the PS5 platform via this link, if you find a game title that really excites you and is exclusive then the PS5 platform might be worth buying when launch, otherwise you can wait a little while to launch lots of new games over the next few months and years, which are much better.

4- Wait a minute to get a better deal:

Usually, when you buy a new game console as soon as it is launched, you pay the maximum price to get it without attachments, and you will also get a very simple set of games, besides that, you may experience some problems with the console or the game itself that may arise suddenly.

And then waiting a few months or even a whole year will show you a lot of options when buying, either from a third-party vendor or from the manufacturer itself, in addition to getting a gaming platform that has fixed all its software problems, and multiple game packages for either price or great discount.

5- See other options too:

The PlayStation 5 gaming platform is not the only gaming platform you can buy right now, as you can buy a new Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S game console from Microsoft, besides, you always have the option of buying or building a gaming computer too.

The Xbox Series S console is underpowered, but only available for $ 300, so if you’re looking to play new games right away while spending less money, this might be a better choice for you.

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