Tuesday , December 1 2020

Finally, Moderna announced “officially” the price of the vaccine it is looking forward to

After waiting and waiting a long time, Moderna CEO Stephan Bansel revealed, on Sunday, the estimated price of the Corona virus vaccine produced by his company had reached very promising results in the trial phase, and the world was waiting for its launch in a few weeks.

Bansel told German newspaper “Welt am Sonntag” that “Moderna” would set a price for the government of between 25 and 37 dollars for each dose of vaccine, depending on the quantity needed.

He was quoted as saying: “Our vaccine costs about the same as the flu vaccine, which is between $ 10 and $ 50,” according to “Reuters”.

And last Monday, an EU official, who is involved in talks with the company, said that the European Commission wants to reach an agreement with “Moderna” to buy millions of doses of vaccine, for less than 25 dollars per dose.

“Nothing has been signed yet, but we are close to reaching an agreement with the European Commission,” Pence said, adding that “it is only a matter of days” until the contract is ready.

Moderna revealed that its experimental vaccine was 94.5% effective in preventing the Corona virus, based on temporary data from clinical trials that had reached its final stage, so that the American company became the second developer to deliver results that far exceeded expectations, after Pfizer and its partner, Biontech.

The European Union has been holding talks with “Moderna” about an experimental vaccine for the coronavirus, since at least last July, according to “Reuters”.

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