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Erdogan rebuked Arab countries who reject "spring of peace" .. What did he say?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has attacked Arab countries which condemn "spring peace" military operations in northern Syria.

This happened at a closed meeting held by Erdogan with editors from a number of Turkish newspapers, channels and news agencies in Istanbul, on Sunday evening, where he spoke to these countries by saying: "You talk to your oil and your dollars and you have some worries, but Turkey is talking about its position. "

The Turkish President stressed in this context, saying: "If you meet all of you will achieve the fate of Turkey," stressed that "Turkey saved Arabs who were transferred from terrorism in Syria."

Erdogan pointed out that "the three Arab countries did not participate in the Arab League's statement about the Turkish peace process in Syria; Qatar, Somalia and Libya," adding that "the Palestinians also did not participate only sending their ambassadors to the meeting not speaking out."

He added: "Something very strange, you represent the Arab League, right? Syria is an Arab country, I respect all races, the first concern is human."

"Is it Arab or Kurdish, but look at this logic; do Arabs form a large majority in Syria? Yes, and does terrorism dominate the Arab region now? Yes, and we are the people who are saved in our struggle against terrorism in the area -this region?" The Arabs were displaced from their area. "

He stressed that "the regime actually does not defend YPK / BYD, and has statements against it, and in front of all these scenes exit the Arab League and make a decision against Turkey, what can I say for this now? If you all (denial) will not achieve Turkey ".

He pointed out that terrorist organizations aim to establish international terrorists east of the Euphrates River in Syria, stressing that Turkey will not allow it.

Erdogan noted that Turkey received a message from the Manbej people in northern Syria to cleanse their territory of terrorist organizations, pointing out that "Arabs make up more than 85% of the population in the region."

He stressed that Turkey, after freeing the Jarablus and Afrin regions of Syria from terrorist organizations, handed it over to its inhabitants, saying: "We did nothing but build their infrastructure and build schools, hospitals and roads, which we sent and continued to send to people people in that region. "

He said: "Turkey was not occupied one day, and did not even think about its original occupation. Maybe if we ask for this it will only be enough. Some literature describing Turkey as invaders must know their borders first."

Accused of leaving Syrian files for years, the foreign minister rushed to an emergency meeting at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo on Saturday, at the invitation of Egypt after the launch of Turkey's "spring peace" operation launched by Ankara last Wednesday, against Kurdish separatist militias in northern Syria.

The final communique meeting denounced Turkish operations and indicated the possibility of discussing political, economic, cultural and tourism measures against Turkey against the background of its military operations, while Qatar, Libya, Somalia and Morocco formally stated their reservations on the statement.

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